What Are The Latest 15 Trends For 2017?

Why not to look at things from an expert perspective, to achieve this task, I carried out a mega meta-study for all those readers in Dubai that are keen to know the latest trends for website designs and the ways in which they can milk this channel by reaching almost everyone from the set target audience.  Here is what I call the most cogent forecasts abstracted from the web from all my valuable readers.

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What Are The Latest 15 Trends For 2017 - Web Design Dubai

With a hope that this would be the only post based on elite trends that would be play a crucial role by guiding you for the rest of the year, i.e. till the end of 2017.

1. Moving more towards convergence, using fewer interfaces

A simple fact is that the convergence of a web design emerges with the help of wide-ranging libraries that are based on patterns highly interactive designs. With hands on such highly established libraries, why would one tend to deviate during the web building process unless the design needs an interface thus far not being tackled a convention is already there more likely. Following the web design Dubai based approaches in order to make things known to the end user may involve crowd following in a way where many may argue that the feeling is more of a myth.


Apart from interface convergence, the significance levels may also be reduced slowly and gradually. Push messaging can be classified as the core trend along with the revelation of content in the domain of OS mobile and more eventually Facebook and social messengers.


Experts are of the view that improvements in artificial intelligence more focused on services and content will be highly optimal, therefore lessening the extent of the visitor’s journey and making it more stable within the relevant interfaces.  

2. Doves and Hawks:

Although, the area of convergence has already been touched in web design, the need for standing out is yet to be addressed as that can be classified as the flip side to that coin.  Experts believe that the focus in 2017 will be more on the originality. A certain fact that service providers may do for bigger clients, however whether the said things are done with sensitivity with the help of rich or imagery media and or even focusing on the results might be another aspect, something that may be classified as ‘hard-to-use white elephants.


Video backgrounds and animations are being utilized to some extent with the need for giving an impression that of standing out plus discordant substances slightly. These trends might be stilled adopted during 2017.

3. Hover states that are more towards the creative side:

An enjoyable experience for users now that simplifies the design necessitates i.e. ‘accents’. These open the windows of ease for users as they are enabled to easily understand the areas in the layout that are clickable.

4. Centered content

Something that can be classified as a result of mobile first approach toward design plus the convergence of theme based work on templates for example the utilization of WordPress.


The idea and focus in such cases is to offer user with minimal design trends for home page, maybe with a handsome space on the page below the fold, where focus is floating more around the key message which may be placed at the top or in the center area. A visual GIF or textures based on strong colors. 

5. Forms that are full screened:

Yet another outcome of mobile-oriented design is the idea of implementing full screen forms and it could be in the form of a checkout form or search fields. The core focus behind this chemistry is to center more on visitors and attract their attention by putting them on the task at hand. In addition, amplify the user friendliness followed by adaptation.

6. Valid, luminous photography

The science of photography in the present world is more centered on the idea of capturing the relevant product and services. Let alone load time efficiency, the selected photos and images must also be highly creative and inspirational.

7. Minimal scrolling

If the goal for websites would have been to focus more on their content a bit further for the sake of elongated interaction from their visitors, triggered clicking approach used to drill down further into the different pages associated with the website wouldn’t be classified as a bad practice.


Based on a blend of latest front end programming and micro experiences, a tap on the screen or a mouse click does not have to denote a jarring page reload any more.

8. More scrolling

To date this domain is classified as one of the highly controversial trend that is associated with web design practices. It enables sites to spread out, something that can be said to be in line with minimal designs and heavily attractive images.

9. Almost flat

Flat designs are something that cannot be pushed or classified as some approach to watch out for; it has been part of the world online mostly featuring contrasting and bright colors. The idea however is not just to focus on the follower ship of the visitors.

10. Latest sans serif headings; larger text

This trend is catching some serious attention, applicable on larger text while the design side is more toward to minimal. Everywhere else, the trend for text in body in most cases is bigger in size; businesses are deviating from the old formats where font sizes were set to small perhaps the core idea is more clarity and visibility.

11. Bold iconography

This one is also more as a result of motivation toward minimal design, this domain is growing big with the passage of time, iconography is becoming more explicit, and perhaps the idea is to cover the cheer up the white areas.

12. Fewer scripts

Pages are becoming over crowded in most cases and for designers and marketers, especially that focus more on bringing down the load time elevated by heavy images with the help of smart coding, it could be mainly scripts from third parties that are playing the role of pole axing some website.

13. The use of suicide sliders:

Most sliders are simply distracting as they add extra load time and weight to a web page. Something that may be revised in 2017, it is a hope against hope just from my end, other may think otherwise. I mean seriously, a slider that covers 60% of a web page? Does that really make sense? I will leave this part to you so you can dig deep and think about it…

14. Less clutter due to bolder ad formats:

The focus will be more toward local or native marketing/advertising trends from publishers, be it programmatic or editorial formats. A good idea would be to target the programmatic version with the help of applying advertiser data plus cross-device tracking as this will open the windows for further influencing ads that will give the power to publishers to minimize the scale and perk up the user experience. Something that will be a core focuses by many agencies offer website design Dubai related services in 2017.

15. Services not pages

The core idea is to deliver the right content and right content always should be the main aim from the user’s experience perspective. Users may go in a zone where they may stop their thinking process in terms of pages that they may have browsed through; the significance of service oriented designs will be growing at swift pace in 2017 and beyond. 

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