What Changes In Web Marketing Can Be Noticed In 2017?

Changing trends every year:-  

With the arrival of 2017 the trends of social marketing have also changed to the better. As we know every New Year brings new trends and ways the products are marketed.  Marketers try to get noticed by improving their optimization strategies. Web marketing has proved its significance more than anything as it allows in getting more traffic, commercializing your product and makes your website visible.


As we all know Dubai has grown tremendously in the past few years and lots of firms are turning to this city to get themselves renowned worldwide. There won’t be a single firm working in this business friendly city which doesn’t operate virtually. If any start up or growing business doesn’t have online existence it can lag behind the competitors in the time of internet marketing. So in the world of competition need of the time is to make your online presence felt.

SEO Services Dubai

There are a lot of companies which provide SEO services Dubai using the latest and most effective trends being used today. These latest trends are followed to get organic traffic and to improve your sites rankings being able to jump to the top page of any search engine. The conversion rate from visitors to buyers is also increased.  

Latest trends followed:-


Mobile optimization:-


Smartphones, tablets, and phone watches are used by almost everyone now. So the need of mobile optimization has increased than ever before and has become a norm. The need to have mobile friendly site and the app has increased ever more. Latest figures suggest that

  •  8 out of 10 consumers are accessing sites from smartphones and choosing to buy.
  • Over 1.5 billion people have access to the web from their phones or tablets
  • In 2016 desktop searches were surpassed by mobile searches
  • World leaders like Google are heavily in favor of mobile app and app streaming on mobile
  • More than 80% brands have gone mobile friendly in 2016 and numbers will increase in 2017

Mobile optimization should be given main preference. One thing is to be made sure that everything on the site like logos, colors, fonts, API and content should be optimized for mobile too.


Importance of voice search:-


Some people don’t like to type or some are not into spellings. Especially, for the people on the go use the voice search option conveniently. This option also helps while they are driving or multitasking. 

  • 59% voice search options are used by teens while watching TV
  • 57% of this option is used while with friends
  • 36% adults while sitting in front of TV use it
  • 23% when someone is cooking

Social media content will gain more significance:-


Nobody can deny the role of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in the recent times. Google has already done formal deals with two of the giants in social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Whenever, you search for something you will definitely find some tweets or a FB link. In 2016 76% of the marketers benefited from social media to boost their sites and got higher ranking the number is expected to increase a lot more in 2017.


Significance of videos:-


After any query, Google presents results in the mixed form or blended results. Infographics, videos and images are given high priority. Any SEO services Dubai firm understands how to get on the top page of Google by using high quality and engaging videos. Videos are more attractive and likely to be viewed instead of reading text that is still considered to a standard.


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