5 Typography Trends In Web Design For 2017!

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With the revival of designs that are flat in nature and serious popularity gained by minimalism, the role for typography has become further focused in the domain of web designing. The amplified attention on letter-form designs lately, trends in this zone has started to emerge at improved pace, for example:

  • Extreme dimensions (small and large sizes)
  • Superimposed on images
  • Simple typefaces used creatively
  • Typefaces that are custom in nature
  • Fonts that are artistic

All the above mentioned styles cannot be classified as mutually exclusive, they are however normally combined. We will look into this in further detail at later stages. All these basics are well taken care of by businesses that have to perform in complex and highly poised markets when it comes to competitiveness. A good example here would be Dubai. 


There are many website designing companies in Dubai that would opt for such trends because they know that these features and styles will add value to the looks and application of the entire website.


Let’s elaborate the above mentioned techniques in further detail so that we can get a better insight of the difference that can be made by them:


1. Extreme Dimension:


To control the level of impact and influence, one as a designer can utilize the option of text size. Recent trends are falling for extreme sizes that may be either large or small in dimensions.


# Large typography: 


To send a burly and assertive message that is coupled with similar images, large typefaces are used. The styles associated with this type are:

  • Bigger in size and weight when compared to other contents.
  • Characters are bigger than 85 pixels.
  • Backed with thick strokes or Caps

One may come across trends within this trend that are taking place due to the room that is offered by this approach. Mostly expanded words are utilized to fill the screen and give a different look to the viewer. Thin serifs are utilized at times to give a dynamic contrast impression to the strokes used that are thick. Alteration in sizes is another aspect that may be noticed by one in such concepts.


These trends are becoming highly popular and enable one to come out with elite designs with the help of some tweaks. One must not worry a lot about the different alignments while trying to avoid the centered crutch. 


# Small typography:


It is not necessary to go for the larger font sizes only for one to be loud, designer at times go for extreme small sizes and at the same time ensure that they create and impact using the small sizes while designing the website.  


2. Superimposed:


Gone are the days when text and images were classified as two separate things. The idea of superimposing has helped greatly in making both of them extra powerful. Legibility and contrast are the two main considerations that are associated with this style. The aim is to influence both image and text using this approach. Close consideration from the designer is required to ensure that breakpoints are defined accurately; this helps the website to perform well when accessed on different devices.


3. Simple typefaces used creatively:


Experimenting with other designing elements may help a great deal, especially when one is keen to play with typography and text as this perks up the benefits. There are some risks though that may come one’s way. For instance, text on images that have been discussed already, but what would happen when it is images in text scenario?


One does not need to go about things associated with typography in a memorable passion. A good approach would be to try coming up with one’s own creative utilization if the goal is to stand out from the ordinary crowd. Creative form of typography has this built-in feature of being interesting on its own. One may milk awesome results by combining such types with simple and sleek unobtrusive backgrounds.


4. Typefaces that are custom in nature:


Typefaces that are customer in nature may have similar effects as creatively used simple types. It would be a good approach if one may consider areas like character and brand identity. To set yourself apart from the ordinary crowed, you may consider the idea of introducing your own font system as it would be a failsafe way to go about things.


5. Fonts that are artistic:


You will come across fonts that are purely designed and intended for looks. Text written in blocks using such fonts acts more like graphic elements and helps in perking up the looks and idea of entire web design. This is what some sites may exactly need. This approach has been around for centuries and is one that has been extensively used by designers while creating posters intended for marketing or advertisement. It may be a costly way but the embellishment added by this approach is worth the price, provided if it is limited to the headlines only.


On a concluding note:


All the aforementioned techniques are famous and treated as manners that help in keeping the minimalist site frameworks center of attention and interesting. They play dual role of both graph and content. 


Businesses operating in Dubai rely on such smart trends because these trends allow them to stay on top of their competitors. To achieve this goal, they ensure that they carryout in-depth industry analysis and look out for web design companies that are capable of meeting their expectations and providing them with appealing results using the above mentioned techniques.


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