The Unique Relationship Between SEO And Instagram, One Cannot Deny!

It is one of the highly famous images sharing platform online that enjoys over 300 million active visitors and users. Some very crucial and interesting facts are mentioned below. The unique and appealing nature of this channel has helped the world of search engine optimization a great deal. 

Experts that are actively performing in the domain of SEO treat Instagram as their special tool. They know that their clients in competitive and roaring markets like Dubai would want magical and lasting results and Instagram can help in achieving that for them. They in addition are well aware of the dynamic nature of SEO Dubai world that evolves rapidly and is always ahead of other markets. 

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The Unique Relationship Between SEO And Instagram

Can’t wait to know about Instagram and its importance? Let’s avoid fables and hit the deck then:

  • The total number of active users for Instagram is more than 300 Million.
  • More than 76 Million people visit it daily.
  • That becomes almost 21% of the entire Internet usage.

Hold On! There is more to come

Usage by Age

  • 42% of users fall within the age brackets of 16-24 years.
  • 36% are between the age of 25 -34 years.
  • 18% falls in the span of 35-44 years.
  • 3% are those that are 45-54 years old.
  • 1% fall in the age parameters of 55-64 years
Instagram Usage by Age by SpiralClick
Instagram Usage by Age

Usage by Gender

The good news is that men are ahead J

  • 49% of Instagram users are female
  • 51% are male users. 
Instagram Usage by Gender by SpiralClick
Instagram Usage by Gender

Makes Sense? Let’s dig things further deep:

  • 70 Million photos are posted daily on Instagram by users
  • On average each users spends round about 21 to 25 minutes daily
  • 8600 likes are given every second on Instagram.
  • 1000 comments each second takes place here.
  • 86% of the world’s big brands own an Instagram account.
  • One of the most followed accounts on Instagram is Instagram itself and the total number of followers that it enjoys is almost 97 Million.
  • The Ellen Show is the most followed brand on this platform and there are 4.40 Million followers who follow it.
Relation between SEO and Instagram by SpiralClick
Relation between SEO and Instagram

Hmmm….Who is it that still doesn’t have an Instagram account?  

Expecting too much from SEO Dubai based trends without going for all the smart and available tools to be integrated with it would many wasting time, effort, money and resources. Experts in this domain will always provide you with a complete package associated with your search engine optimization needs so as to ensure that you make the most out of your returns on investments made by you.

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