Let's Understand The Design Process!

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Discovery and Scope:

This phase of the design process is where a creative expert sits with you to understand the objectives of your project plus to determine your needs. You will be provided with a formal quotation and exchange of contract may take place. A date of initiation based on mutual understanding and upon the receipt of contract and initial deposit may be decided between the two parties. One must try to look for a professional and affordable web design company in Dubai so as to ensure that all the stages discussed in this piece of writing are met in an expert passion.

Mock-ups completed and presented:

Once the date of initiation has been finalized the service provider will start working on the task assigned based on the discussion and exchange of suggestions that took place initially. Designs or mock-ups may be presented by them with a time period of few weeks. 

Approval stage:

After presenting the initial mock-ups, you may request refinements in the design if you are not content with what have been provided. You may request to shuffle the contents between the mock-ups or request a new mock-up from the scratch and the design team hired by you will do things accordingly.   

Coding Process:

This is the phase that comes after the design has been approved. The designer or developer will slice it and start writing the coding. Codes that may be used are XHTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, JQuery, JS and MySQL etc. PHP and MySQL are normally used when carrying out the backend coding. A demo development server is set up so that you can check on the work from time to time and add your thought and suggestions as and when required. 

Testing and Tweaking

This phase is purely focused on testing the entire product and plucking out the errors so as to ensure that users are provided with smooth and sleek experiences. This stage can also be classified as the last phases for tweaks in design because once the testing and quality checks are made the designed and development process may end.

Site Launch

After you have shown your agreement and given a go ahead with the development and design finalization the service providers hired by you will make your website live for you upon your approval. 

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