How To Build A User Friendly Web Design?

For a user there isn’t a more frustrating thing then visiting a site which is difficult to navigate. Users are always in search of intuitive and uncomplicated sites and they surely don’t want to return on sites that are cluttered with no definite position for any information and key things.


Running a business in the richest emirate of UAE and want to design a user friendly site, take a look at the points below that will surely enable the target audience to stay on the site without bouncing back. 

Web Design Dubai
Web Design Dubai

Simple navigation:-

First thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the site map should be extremely simple. Each page should be named properly and sub navigation should relate to the main navigation option.


Create a utility navigation if the site map is larger. Utility navigation bar is a small one and is usually found at the top right of some large sites by the experts of web design Dubai. Its purpose is to avoid the overcrowding on the basic navigational bar. 

Positioning of the logo:-

Mostly the logo is placed on the top left corner of the site, it allows the visitors to know whose site is this and will also identify the name of the company and the content they are seeing. Logo must also be a link to the homepage.


It allows the visitor to return to the homepage from anywhere on the site. 

Let them where they are:-

Allow the visitor to know where he/she is by highlighting the navigation. Cookie crumbs or linked headings are often used at the top of the webpages allowing them to figure out where they are and also provide links to all individual pages that are listed. 

Call to action:-

From navigation you can guide the users or the visitors to where you want them to be through call to action links. By using these links you can guide visitors to whatever page you want them to view or any action you want them to take like click to buy, download or contact us etc.

Buyer personas:-

For a successful site make sure to create buyer personas. They are like knowing what your customers want and what you have to offer. Create personas by keeping the target audience in your mind. Buyer personas should be savvy.

Search bar:-

If you want your site to be crowded with visitors, make the access to information easy for them. Know what they are looking for and what they might like. Add a search bar and place it at the top right corner of the site or it can be in the top center as well.

Images and animations:-

Choose related photos that best describe your site and pages. They should be high quality and should also be related to the content on the page. Don’t use photos that can be found on other sites. Be careful in the usage as too many images also over crowd your web design Dubai.


Animations usage must also be done with care and precision because too many moving things on page can distract the reader or the visitor.



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