How To Reduce The Bounce Rate Of Your Website?

Creating the required attraction for your potential users towards your website is too difficult. While snatching their interests to retain them on your site is more difficult. For keeping that potential customers’ annoyance to the minimal level, it is important to design your website in a way that catches their interests.

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How To Reduce The Bounce Rate Of Your Website

If you are launching your next website based on a highly competitive market such as UAE, you must focus on maximizing the visitor’s retention to the best possible level. Following are some of the main aspects that must be eliminated in your web solutions Dubai based web design and development process to reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Make Your Navigation User Friendly/ SEO: 

Avoid using scattered navigation links and unclear visual elements that do not present a flawless clue for what a user need to do next. Instead, use a logical, easy to understand and an intuitive navigation for users to guide. The navigation needs to be grouped together in navigation elements in a central area.

Avoid Excessive Use Of Ads and Don’t Disrupt the UX:

Suffocating users with the ads that pop-up every now and then and fill out the whole screen is the main cause of increase bounce rate. Use them in a flawless and legitimate way that can attract users. Contents must never be covered up with ads. Use a discrete and tasteful approach for ads usage.


Avoid Complicated Content Structure:

The conversation of user’s with your website and their retention rate can easily be destroyed when a bad content structure is used. Users must easily find what they have visited your website for and what they are looking.


Avoid distributing them on multiple pages if they can possibly be adjusted on a single page. Introductory contents must always be included. Similar contents must be grouped together in a clear and concise way. Use bold heading and highlight the expected searching elements of users.


Reduced bounce rate is a ranking factor for Google to place your website on a higher level. In a competitive environment such as USA or UAE business industry, the higher bounce rate is a challenging factor for owners to deal with.


Thus developing a website through web solution Dubai based service providers must be fully user-friendly, as it is the key factor for attracting potential traffic.


When user will stay engage with your friendly navigation and content structure, the more your bounce rate will be decreased and Google will place you higher as compare to the rest of your competitors.


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