How SEO Companies Rank Your Sites?

SEO Company Dubai
SEO Company Dubai

What different to do this year that helps to soar your site above all in the Google search results and other major search engines? Every optimization expert must have things soughed out for the year 2017 but some people seem clueless as in what strategy to opt for and what to leave.


Following are some expert suggested tips and tricks and other things that must be brought to practice if the aim is to outshine in SERPs among competitors.

AMPs for fast loading:-

Accelerated mobile pages are although a couple of years old but 2017 will still be looking at these responsive pages to lessen bounce rate. With AMPs, mobile browsers open pages very fast due to the fact that they are open source protocols.


It uses less than eight times less data than the average web page. It is for this reason very crucial that one should opt for an SEO company in Dubai that has put this trend at the top because with the help of AMPs users can be provided with more responsive pages. 

Artificial intelligence:-

The integration of machine learning into search algorithms had already begun in 2016 while 2017 will provide it with an ignition factor to make things go in further smarter zones with its help. By this the search results will be made more intelligent and relevant information will be revealed to the users.


To reach the level of artificial intelligence in search a unique voice to niche must be added by the site owners and the webmasters. 

Don’t forget Yahoo and Bing:-

We all know the importance of Google and how it rules the industry but yahoo and Bing must not be ignored in 2017. Bing accounts for 33 percent of all the traffic. Another thing to notice is that the search market share of Bing is growing more quickly when compared to Google. 


So Bing and Yahoo are also major role players in the field of search engine optimization and therefore must not be overlooked. 

Focusing on social content:-

According to an article published at Impactbnd.com more than 75 percent of the marketers are using the social media beneficially to support their optimization. This means that the coming times will see content from social pillars like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will be given more importance.


2017 may ignite a competition between the marketers to rank their posts of social media on search engine result pages. 

Focus on content:-

According to an expert of branding agency Dubai there is no need to spend hours on the optimization of the content if it isn’t based on quality and information, and doesn’t attract the audience. Search engines emphasize and focus on the quality and information of the content rather than the optimization.


One must therefore try to include evergreen and fresh content and indulge new ideas always and in effective passion. Another important tip is to judge the content as if you are a reader. Quality user experience and quality content when combined, helps to enhance the rankings in any search engine.

Branding – Why is it so important?

Branding is a broad spectrum and there are many associated and highly critical factors involved in its success and failures, directly or indirectly. To deal with this domain on your own, you must not be less than a geek in this zone, otherwise things will not fall in the right zones for you and you may not be able to get hands on the desired results.


Experts therefore are of the view that right, expert, reliable and highly professional branding agencies shall be considered while carrying out tasks like pitching and pushing a brand to meet the success. 

Who shall be consulted?

A native operator will always be preferred over an overseas freelance services, the idea is to stay in touch and ensure that the service provider is well versed in the local market proceedings.


The results will be in line with your expectations and they will come fast and in the right passion toward you. What’s more, you will be backed with expert advice 24/7 which means that you will always have the comfort of gearing things up, or switching from one branding strategy to another without going through too much of a trouble, because experts will be there to watch your back always.

What can be achieved?

High end results in the form of persona, market stature and clients’ confidence can be won with the help of smart branding strategies. As stated earlier, a professional backup will help in the due course and will allow business owners to benefit from the elite, smart and highly expert ideas that will ultimately result in enabling them to milk the UAE markets to the fullest and in the most appropriate passion.

Final note:

Trends have shaped way beyond our imaginations, where good is not good enough. Everyone everywhere is looking and expecting to get hands on excellent results. To make sure that one is found with the help of a robust website that is equipped with images, videos and content that speaks for one’s brand, one would need to get in touch with a branding consultant who can play the role of a bridge between the business and its targets. 


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