What Common Web Design Mistakes Should Be Avoided?

Mistakes are common in any field and the field of site development isn’t different at all as millions of sites are developed every day and billions of mistakes, blunders and negligences are noticed in them. What are they, what to do and what not to do, how to avoid them?


All these questions start spinning in the minds of developers and the common people as well. Remember, any site that doesn’t prove to be beneficial for the people or having a mistake in it won’t go too far and is destined to go in the backwards direction.

Dubai Web Design
What Common Web Design Mistakes Should Be Avoided - Dubai Web Design

Here are the common mistakes that Dubai web design companies want the developers to avoid to make their site more effective and beneficial.

Slow loading:-

Remember the site visitors are impatient and they may not wait for the page to load that takes longer than normal not bothering about the content inside. Even if the content is brilliant with great services, slow loading pages will not be tolerated. 

Search box:-

Have a visible search box? Well and good. No! You are in big trouble. Nowadays, a site cannot survive without having a search box for the visitors. People are in fast mode and don’t want to search anything manually rather they want direct access to it on the site. 

Responsive design:-

Around 65 percent of the searches and purchases are made from mobile in the current times and failing to develop a responsive design for the small screens isn’t acceptable by visitors and also by Google. Google now prioritizes the responsive sites more and so does the people. They are fast and on the go and don't have time for sites that give them bad experience. 

Site updating:-

A static site is nothing but a piece of mundane equipment lying still. Need to keep moving so does the site should. Updating and maintaining the site means new and latest info, products, offers and other things updated on the site.  


It’s like you are sitting in moving car and getting to see new things, places, people, cars around you. And it should be kept moving.


Intuitive and easy navigation is a must for a site that wants to succeed its competitors. People want to roam and return to any page without any fuss involved. A clear and obvious navigational panel makes a lot easier for the users to use your site.


A simple question to ask yourself is that how easily a newbie or an inexperienced person navigates on your site. Navigation must be easy and consistent.

Fresh content:-

According to website design Dubai companies search engines always prefer fresh and quality content and there isn’t any substitute to it.  Developers may spend thousands of dollars on other things but if the content doesn’t attract the visitor then it’s a big blunder and sheer lack of common sense on your part. Oh, I mean on the developer’s part.



Avoid these commonly made mistakes and make your site rank easily on the search engines and give your competitors a tough time. 


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