Why Your SEO Campaign Failed?

Let’s have a look at why most of the SEO campaigns that fail despite some serious input and hard work by one. It may be very frustrating for one as a business owner if one has spent hefty amounts for such services and the end results are not as per the expectations.


The situation may get further worse if one is operating in complex markets like Dubai, where the margin for error is always zero. 

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Why Your SEO Campaign Failed

Following are some core reasons that may result in a big FAIL in one’s SEO campaign:


Lack of understanding and weaker grip on latest trends. If you don’t know then don’t do it yourself, ask for professional help from an expert SEO agency Dubai. Let them show you what good results are like.

Limited activities:

Focusing on one or two SEO functions only and ignoring the others may not be a good idea. 


Don’t act over smart, you may put a thousand links in one day, but the status for your website may be flagged, remember SEO is a slow process it will take time, but victory will be yours always if you put things right in the right directions and have some patience.

Using inappropriate approaches:

You may be building links using a software or links from domains with low domain authorities that may result in a downfall and penalties from major search engines like Google.

Poor On-page optimization:

This counts as 70% of the effort, if it is not right don’t expect things to go in the right direction with your SEO activities.

In consistency in posting and submission:

SEO activities shall be done in a routine manner; it cannot be done, left and then done again. Such approaches may have a negative impact on the rankings and their positions in search listing may fluctuate always.

Low quality content:

Too much content, but lacking in quality, senseless or irrelevant content may kill the campaign instantly.

Poor, little or no social presence for business:

Not focusing on latest social media marketing, social bookmarking and engagement trends.

Not backed with professional SEO agency Dubai:

A service provider that can make things brighter for the entire campaign and business itself.

Quick results:

If you want results in days then forget about it. 


Bearing all the above points in mind will take you in the right directions, the dream of dominating the search ranks will become true, all you need is, some understanding of how an SEO campaign works.


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    Parth Vinodbhai rathod (Wednesday, 05 July 2017 15:19)

    a true thing you just shared here, it is so true that people use spamming and low quality content can be a factor as well
    thank you