Web Design Trends For 2018!


Experts believe that in 2018 it is going to be all performance when it comes to web design trends. We all know that back in 2016, Smartphone usage finally took over the proceedings from desktop.


If you are operating in fast paced markets of UAE like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you need to stay on top of the following web design Dubai oriented trends for sure in 2018:

Web Design Dubai
Web Design Trends For 2018 - Web Design Dubai

Hot trends getting hotter!

Latest technological trends in the mobile technologies are offering smart features in the form of voice search, conversational bots that are intelligent in nature, geo-location and natural language processing. Looking at some other hot trends briefly that may rule trends in 2018 are:

  • Negative spaces will be used greatly
  • Expressive and bold typography designs will be preferred
  • Focus will shift more toward cinemagraphs
  • Appealing, logical scroll backed animated features will be employed
  • Web apps that are progressive in nature will be centre of attention
  • Intelligent conversation bots will be highly in demand
  • Natural language processing together with voice search will lead the way.
  • Micro-Interactions will be considered more often than not.
  • Facebook will continue to play a deciding role when it comes to digital marketing trends.
  • Design might be awesome but if one’s website and apps are not secured, they may fail to impress. Focus on security!

Things are entering very sensitive and elite zones, especially in markets that are very dynamic and promising in nature. Web design Dubai based practices are going to make things classy and appealing for you.



One can simply not start shaping things in 2018 so as to cope with trends that will be followed in 2018. One has to start thinking from today, heavy research and development would be required, design, development and deployment in a professional manner would require ample time from one and by the time things are ready if one starts now, one would be almost there, entering the new year therefore experts always recommend a timely start if the idea is to be the first to make a lasting impression in such markets.


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