Why To Choose Ruby On Rails As A Development Language?

Although, using ruby on rails (ROR) was an innovation a few years ago, however, the language is gaining rapid approvals in the development world. The framework mainly emphasis on general software engineering patterns including MVC, DRY, COC and active record patterns.


The language is altering the technological spectrum by enabling development firms save money and their valuable time. It also enables a rapid development facility for making the investment extremely valuable by improving performance and flexibility.

Web Development And Ruby on Rails Dubai

Mechanizing the repetitive tasks is the key goal of UAE based development companies to meet the improved delivery needs of clients. Such a development friendly framework avoids the use of repetitive code lines every now and then and therefore this is an ideal language for web development Dubai based firms.

Factors That Make Ruby On Rails A Rewarding Option:

Different factors affect its popularity and that’s why, more and more companies are adopting it. The language is offering code automation and a capability to solve business problems easily. Beside these key advantages, some of the common factors that make it a rewarding option include:

Quick Launch:

All of the available modules can easily be used during development. Such a ready to use the element eases delivery of the applications to be launched as early as possible. This way, developers are enabled to reuse different code elements rather than developing them from scratch.


Website maintenance is the most challenging yet crucial part based on continuous modification. Once a web application is launched, ROR code can easily be updated and modified. Innovative features can rapidly be added to save both the valuable time and efforts of developers.


Other languages have extremely focused on performance and quality that slow down the development process and increase the cost. ROR require less time for development without any compromise of performance or quality which is a cost effective option for clients.

Automated Testing:

Rails community is extremely passionate regarding testing automation. The built-in testing facilities avoid the need of manual testing based on the latest algorithms specific to testing procedures. For sites to be delivered using test-driven development approach, it is the recommended suggestion to go for companies offering ruby on rails Dubai.

Open Source:

Rails are offering open source libraries and framework to minimize the expense requirements for licensing. Additionally, developers are better assisted based on the availability of passionate community members to help them regarding development issues.


ROR is a productive language for web application development based on different features it offer. Self-documentation enables others to assess the intentions of developers after analysing the code. On the other hand, the code stays easy to read and understand.


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