The Importance Of Web Development For Emerging Businesses

Web development is the process of creating a website on the internet or an intranet for personal or commercial use.


As an emerging business, one of the most important tasks to do after you’ve decided on the name of the company is to set up a website for the business. This is where your customers will find the products or services you are offering, and have a way of contacting you.


While it’s true that you may not compete directly with the some of the more established corporations, and that most small businesses initially grow their customer base through word of mouth, a website provides easy access to new customers, and improves the effectiveness of your advertising.,

The Importance Of Web Development For Emerging Businesses |  Web Development in Dubai

Competition within the markets in Dubai is fierce, and a small business needs all the edge it can get when starting out. It is recommended that you contact one of the web development companies in Dubai a few months before your operations begin to ensure your website is up and running by the time you enter the industry.

Benefits of Having a Website When You Start Out:

Having an established website has numerous benefits, like:

  • Saves money on advertising: Since all of your products/services are already listed on your website, there’s no need to print out separate brochures.
  • Easy to edit: Unlike a brochure or catalog which would need to be printed again in mass numbers to account for any changes, a website can simply be updated via a computer.
  • Expands your market: Instead of having to rely on a locally located shop, your brand is available worldwide with a website.
  • The website remains when you move offices: For a local business shifting to a new location, it can become tiresome to explain to every customer where and why you’ve moved. With a website, this information is always available. It also allows your business to run while you’re moving your stock.
  • Improves customer service: You can take customer feedback and requests directly through the website, which results in a more efficient system. 

Eventually Shift to Mobile Apps Too:

Once your business is up and running, you can consider contacting one of the mobile app development Dubai companies to talk about a mobile app for your business.


According to a survey, the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users in 2014, and continues to grow.



In this day and age, when almost everyone owns a smartphone, having a mobile app will help you tap in to this massive customer base, and allow your business to grow exponentially. 

Eventually Shift to Mobile Apps Too | Mobile App Development Dubai

In addition to a webpage, a mobile app provides extreme utility and convenience for your customers. It also provides your existing customers with an easier means of contacting you, or viewing the products/services you are offering.


For businesses dealing in the sale of goods, this means customers always have access to the products of their choice, and sales inevitably grow. Websites like Alibaba and Amazon have almost 60-70% of their current sales through their mobile apps.


For businesses offering services, it allows your customers to contact you even if they’re away from their desktop computers. This is especially useful for businesses like courier services, which rely on quick delivery and pick up of items directly from their customers’ locations. 


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