Exciting Web Development Trends In 2018

As a savvy entrepreneur of the 21st century, you know that the fastest way to guarantee success is to stay updated on the latest trends in the business world.


Being the first to recognize and adopt an up and coming technology or practice is a sure shot way of setting yourself apart from the competitors, and seeing your profits go through the roof!


This applies especially to companies in Dubai, where the competition for niche markets and innovative technologies is constantly rising. 

With 2018 just a few weeks away, here are the 3 most exciting trends in web development Dubai based companies and others around the world can expect to see in the coming year! 

Exciting Web Development Trends In 2018 | Website Development Dubai

1. Progressive Web Applications are the way forward

Progressive web apps (PWA) are websites that are designed to look and work like standard mobile applications.


They were first introduced to the world in 2015, and experts are saying that 2018 will be the year people finally take notice!


The biggest benefit offered by web apps is that, like mobile apps, they’re accessible even if the user isn’t connected to the internet.


The user simply has to save a shortcut to the website on their home screen, and it loads up almost instantly when clicked again. This is thanks to most of the information being stored in a cache.


Over the past few months, many of the world’s leading companies have started adopting PWAs and seen its true power in action.


Indian based eCommerce company Flipkart reported a 70% increase in conversions and time users spent on their site after the launch of their Web App!


Similarly, the Washington Post recorded nearly 5 times as many user engagements once their web posts had PWA technology! 

2. Push notifications on your site

Taking even more inspiration from mobile apps, websites will come enabled with push notifications next year.

Push notifications are one of the most powerful tools offered in mobile applications, since they represent a way to re-engage users efficiently.


When a user visits a website, they will simply be asked if they wish to enable these notifications or block them. Should they choose to enable, they will be notified of any changes in the website (like a new product sale or blog post) even if they close the tab.


The biggest benefit this technology offers is that it’s a cheaper alternative to making a new mobile app. It’s also more effective than emails, SMS, and social media by offering a one-click link back to the company’s website. 

3.  Single page websites

Single page websites hit the scene earlier this year, and we expect them to get extremely popular over the next 12 months.

The idea behind this trend is offering users a single, long web page that has all the content. Navigation from different links simply redirects users up or down the same page!

Single page websites have a ton of benefits:

  • They’re easy to design and maintain
  • Navigation is simple
  • They work well on mobile browsers, where users already navigate through most apps by scrolling.  


In a city like Dubai website design trends and practices are evolving at a staggering rate! If you don’t want to fall behind your competition, make sure that you’re up-to-date with the latest in web development technology! 


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