You Can Now Get Lightning Fast Mobile Retail Websites Developed

Did you think responsive mobile websites were super-fast? Wait till you realize the lightning fast performance of websites developed utilizing both Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps. Web development Dubai-based companies have started incorporating these revolutionary technologies in their clients’ websites, so you should consider taking advantage of them too. 


Individually, both Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps are equally capable and have immensely affected the mobile user experience. Consequently, they have also similarly affected the mobile strategy of modern day retailers. Collectively though, they can prove to be unimaginably powerful. If you are a retailer and have a mobile website, they can transform it to be far speeder than it is currently.

You Can Now Get Lightning Fast Mobile Retail Websites Developed - Web Development Dubai

Even if you already have a mobile website, you can still get a web development Dubai based company to integrate these two technologies into it. Apart from being speedier, your mobile website will show up more in mobile web searches and will offer your consumers a better overall user experience.

From a mobile-commerce and retail perspective, there are plenty of collective benefits that these two technologies have been offering.

  • As a retailer, your ultimate goal is likely to complete sales by directing visitors to your mobile website. There might be many reasons why your conversions are low and why visitors have been abandoning their carts. These may include the fact that your check out process is complicated, or perhaps the latency of your website. You can improve the conversions of your mobile website to a great extent by adopting both these technologies together. In fact, compared to the industry average, you will end up having 50% to 100% higher conversion rates. 

  • Compared to desktop-only pages and mobile websites that do not have Accelerated Mobile Pages, Google seems to favor and prioritize web pages built with AMP. Under Google’s latest algorithm, these pages are ranked higher in search engine results pages. Much like Google, even consumers are growing in favor of and inclined towards visiting websites with these extremely fast and prompt pages.

  • If you already have a mobile website for your retail business, there is no need to fret because you will not have to overhaul and upgrade your website right away. You may gradually integrate these two technologies, switching from your current sluggish pages to rapid ones, at your own pace.


You may have come across the phrase, “Content is king.” The same goes for the loading speed of a web page, especially if it loads extremely fast. Of course, as you have learned, speed is not the only advantage of incorporating Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps into your existing mobile retail website.


Combined together, these technologies can prove to be very powerful. If you are a retailer in Dubai and you get them integrated into your mobile website, your prospective customers will be able to find your website more easily and will surely be impressed by the loading speed.


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