3 Easy Tips to Make Your Website Responsive

You may probably be aware of the promotions and commercials through which car manufacturer brag about the responsiveness of steering. Every you thought what does it mean? Or you may be already aware of the difference between a normal steering and a responsive one. For those who don’t have any idea, a car with responsive steering adjusts with the needs of the driver.

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3 Easy Tips to Make your Website Responsive

What is a Responsive Website Design?

So, the same is the concept of responsive websites. The website is made responsive to meet the emerging requirements of users.


Technology has led the invention of various smart gadgets with a range of shapes and sizes. Therefore, the websites must be adjustable with the dimensions of diverse screens display. 


Consequently, the aim of the responsive website solutions Dubai is to provide an interactive user experience over a range of browser interfaces including PCs, smart phones, tablets, and laptops.


So, the idea is to access a website from different mediums, and it should have the capacity to make adjustments accordingly. It helps to enhance the content visibility by responding automatically to match the display size of the browsed screen. 

Why Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design
Why Responsive Web Design

The stability of any business largely depends on different factors. These include strong reputation, comprehensive business portfolio, and marketing. Believe it or not but your business website is not only the portfolio but also the marketing tool.


Therefore, the website should be comprehensive enough to meet the requirements of a wide range of customers. Further, it is essential to crease a great surfing experience on the part of visitors.


So, the website is required to fit in every technology gadget enabling a clear view of information to every visitor.


Exemplifying the experience of clients when they physically visit a shop or business center, so being a host, you greet them well in order to make them feel easy. The same idea is applied to the web design as it has to greet the visitors to engage them comfortably.


The responsiveness of website is not just done to engage diverse visitors; but actually, it is a response to Google considerations acknowledged in April 2015. The company changes it search engine algorithm enabling the mobile-friendly websites to get a higher rank over the internet.


So, for the sake of survival and sustainability, organizations sought refuge in mobile responsive websites solutions Dubai. 

How to make a website responsive in design?

Check out useful tips of responsive web design how-to for extensive guidance:

Implement a Fluid Grid

The layout of the website was measured in the pixel in the past years, but it has changed now. The fluid grid is used for size dimensions.


The benefit of using it is that it makes the proportional elements rather than restricting the web in specified size dimensions.  It is the easiest method to make a web design adjustable as per the display screen sizes.


Further, grids are divided into columns where widths and heights are not scaled. So, proportions are selected based on screen’s resolution. Modifying grids in the CSS of website code is easy. 

Permit Touch-Screens

Presently, even the laptops are available with a touchscreen. So, it is necessary to make the web design responsive for touch utilization.


It encourages the web designers to think about the both, mouse and finger touch manipulation of information and design.


For instance, if a form containing drop-menu is placed on the web page, it must be easy to handle with the tip of a finger in the touchscreen.  Keep the same idea in view while handling images on websites.

Customization of Element Based on Screen Display Size

An important factor which should not be ignored while making the website design mobile responsive is the element to be displayed on the small screen.


So, if you are looking for compact web elements for small-sized screen, you should hire experienced website solutions providers Dubai to get an optimized layout based on customized design.


Generally, responsive websites include condensed menus in the form of a single button which can be expanded while pressing at once. Such designs are easier to handle and separate menu listings. 

Takes Away

No doubt, website design responsiveness is crucial for the long-term stability of the internet. It is not a trend but a preferred requirement.


So, pay attention to make your web design layout interactive and responsive.


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