What is the Future of Ecommerce in Next 10 Years?

Technology is moving forward as fast as the speed of light. It has influenced almost everything from communication to business. One glaring example is the e-commerce which is growing innovatively.


According to the latest statistics, the sales in retail e-commerce have reached up to $2.290 trillion globally in the year 2017. It is expected to hit a rough estimation of $4.479 trillion by the year 2021.


Nevertheless, ecommerce is based on the idea of executing business in the virtual world. Showcasing products and online transaction methods have paved the way for online shopping beyond imagination. 


While a major chunk of the market has already been developed but there is still a huge potential for growth owes to untapped resources. 

Ecommerce Website Solutions in Dubai
What is the Future of Ecommerce in Next 10 Years

Many developed countries such as USA, UK, Canada and Middle Eastern states especially the UAE have already taken steps to transform businesses. It is the reason that business are seeking opportunities to establish their ecommerce website in Dubai and worldwide. 

Predicting the Future of Ecommerce 2018 and Beyond

It goes without doubt that rapid inventions and technological breakthrough made the prospect of ecommerce is highly unpredictable and uncertain. However, a few factors are constant and with the passage of time will enable the ecommerce business to boost to the next level of progress.


Therefore, the future of ecommerce is assessed in this article from the perspective of customers shopping experience. The implementation of modern technology has a considerable impact on the online business setups.


Lets’ have a detailed overview of the things expected to be changed in the near future: 

Personalization of Ecommerce to enable Augmented Experience

A global overview of the retail industry shows almost all sectors of the retail industry have become ecommerce driven. It is owing to the reason that nearly 3.2 Billion people are using the Internet presently. In this way, online shopping is considered an easy way of getting the required products and services delivered directly at home.


Further, personalization in the ecommerce industry has enabled the customers to experience better facilities for purchasing products from the internet. However, it has created a strong competition among the business organizations as people usually flock to online offerings instead of going to stores physically.


The need has compelled well-reputed brands to show their active presence in the virtual world to grasp more people. It is ultimately benefiting the customers. This trend is expected to pace up in the coming years. 

Pop up Stores and Web shops

People always look for the new and innovative things in life. It helps them to keep their lives full of fun and excitement. The same is true about purchasing product and services. You may also have observed that ways of shopping are changed from showrooms to web-rooms where the products are showcased on the official websites of the company first before the event coming to the stores.


Therefore, shopping may start when you see a sudden pop-up of your favourite jacket in the sidebar of a website or some advertisement display on the Facebook. Not only this, business products can target their potential consumers through Pinterest or Instagram.


This is a trend presently observed in ecommerce solutions in Dubai by the people who are expected to go the next level of ecommerce business in the coming days. The amazing thing to note is that around 86% of the total customers used to buy products via social media or corporate websites. 

Automated Shipping through Drones and other Vehicles

product shipping. This is not going to stop here because various other famous brands are following the footsteps of Amazon. So, get ready to receive your favorite pizza via drone any time in the near future.


Not only this, there are potential chances of self-driving vehicles to be integrated into the delivery systems of the business companies. However, these kinds of product delivery cars are still in the manufacturing process but soon to come into practice.


Perhaps, it is the reason that market share of the ecommerce has been increased to 11.9% in 2018 as compared to the previous decade which was around 3.5%. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the ecommerce industry is under the construction process presently. It is owing to the reason that augmented reality, mobile apps and cryptocurrency systems are developing. It is expected to see an innovative shift in the shopping sector once all these technologies come into practice.


However, if you are looking for long-term stability in the UAE market, you must think of integrating ecommerce website solutions in Dubai to your business.



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