Things You Need To Inquire Before Taking Any Website Design Venture

Starting with any website design project in the UAE is although exciting but, sometimes it can be a little nerve-wracking.


It is often challenging to match your clients’ demands with your finished product. Therefore, even designers who begin with good intentions end up delivering something that their customers do not need.


Or in the worst case scenario, what they deliver fail to generate desirable results for the client.


And, if you are not successful to gauge your clients’ demands regarding their website design, you will probably miss out what is required of you by your clients.


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Honestly speaking, there won’t be anything more soul-crushing than getting a response from your clients like, ‘I love it, but…’


And, usually this happens because you haven’t asked the questions that could have saved you in the longer run.


So, we have created here a list of potential questions that you can ask your clients before starting any web design project so that you can get an endless flow of new projects: 

1) What is your business all about?

This is the primary thing to start from. Because you have to know everything about your client’s business before you start working on their site’s project.


Therefore, you must get a thorough understanding of the company, their services and how long they have been in the industry.


This understanding will guide you throughout the entire project.


And, even the slightest misunderstanding can ruin your website design in particular and your business in general.

2) The purpose of site designing

Most of the times clients come to web designers already with a solution in mind, but frankly speaking, they do not know what is what will work best for them.


But, as a design company for websites Dubai, you have to give strategic support to bring the most appropriate solution for your client’s needs rather than merely accepting their suggestions.

3) Whom are you going to target?

Whether one likes or detests your site, it is all about a subjective experience. Therefore, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of your target audience, for instance, their age group, gender, educational background, purchasing preferences etc.


So, take some time to ask your client whom they want to target by their website design. This understanding is critical to tweak your plan according to audience needs and wants.


And ultimately it will facilitate you to give a comfortable and enticing experience for your users.

4) Do you have some personal liking or disliking?

Take out a drafting pad and note down what are the essential preferences of your client. What are the things he wants to have in his site design and also consider things that are genuinely not preferred by him.


As several times, clients know what they want on their site, this exercise to find out the likings and disliking of your potential client will save you from a headache in the longer run.

Bottom Line!

Almost all website projects in the UAE have two main stakeholders. The designer entrusted with the responsibility of site design and a client for whom he has to work.


Although getting a new project is exciting for you, but you have to do some homework before you take on a plan, because at the end if your client is not happy with your website design, your business is doomed.


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